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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  September 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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chick-fil-a as well offering a freeized coffee with a purchase. >> it is 6:00, the news continues right now. >> good morning. thank you for being with us on "wisn 12 news this morning." >> i'm melinda davenport. right now, a shoot ogen a school playground leads and a teacher hurt. >> another sign of the season. local crews are getting you ready for fall and when you can start raking the leaves to the street. >> first, a cool and windy start to the day. sal? >> it is beginning to get light across southern wisconsin and a glow in the sunrise. there are some low clouds
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clouds. temperatures around the metro pretty much between ap at st. frances, to 60 at bay view and greenfield. mid 50s waukesha with a mix of sun and clouds. the out of the door forecast, a breezy warm up, going up to the mid 60s today. hit or miss clouds. staying dry throughout the day today. we friday for a chance of showers. now to matt up in news chopper 12. >> we are over the zoo interchange. it is looking quiet. minor delays coming up from the south side. we are headed to a crash right
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reporting in live in news chopper 12. >> thank you. charges are expected against the man suspected of killing his girlfriend in glendale. tim is in the news room. tim? >> good morning, ben. the police are saying this is 19-year-old hammond and shot and killed on live-in boyfriend at the time, who is also the father of her three-year-old son. the suspect was arrested after the shooting. we are not releasing his name because he's not formally charged yet. >> tim, thank you. a little more than a month to go until the move election, the candidates are making a final
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>> i am not running to be the president of the world, i'm running to be the president of the united states. >> last night, nearly 8,000 people showed up to hear republican donald trump speak at the expo. nearly half of the crowd was turned away because being at maximum capacity. some listened from outside. democrats turn to appeal to the wisconsin voters, getting support from a campaign stot from tim kaine's wife. good morning, mike. good morning, melinda. anne holton is in kenosha and milwaukee. she's campaigning on behalf of her husband tim kaine.
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on the east side of milwaukee. and that's at 10:15 this morning and then headed to kenosha to the campaign office on 7th avenue. that stop is scheduled for 12:15. the clinton campaign is saying both events are designed people to get out and vote early. she's worked as a judge, lawyer and virginia's secretary of education. reporting live, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you, mike. hillary clinton and donald trump are focussed on swing states like iowa and new hampshire this week. we are in washington with more on what's on the agenda. >> ben, today donald trump is rallying in new hampshire, that is where hillary clinton was yesterday with bernie sanders. trump stopped in the midwest,
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on the stump, he dug deeper at the opponent with the ties to the clinton foundation and her health. >> see all the days hillary takes, day off, day off, day off, all those days off. and she can't even make it to her car. >> suspect this one of the strangest elections you have ever seen. i don't know what to make of >> this amp, hillary clinton is in iowa as that state starts in-person voting today. >> abc news will have more later today on the campaign trail. look for reports on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> right now, a large fire is burning near atlanta, georgia this four alarm fire is @
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this fire is spread out all over the entire warehouse. the firefighters attacking that fire from above with that hose on that crane. now this fire has been burning for a couple of hours. the location is less than a thousand feet from the fire station. back to you. >> tim, thank you. you might want to add raking leaves to the too weekend. starting on saturday the people in milwaukee can rake the leaves into the streets. the collection runs through november 15th. after that, the residents have to take the leaves to the city's self-help centers. the leaves are falling, the colors are gorgeous, and that means it is chilly. we are not completely seeing the change-over yet but it is coming.
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the midpart of october overall. now, it is raining leaves as some of those dryer are falling from the trees and gusty winds. low pressure is continuing to be a problem for us over the ohio valley and continuing to clip southern wisconsin with bits of rain and clouds through saturday. now i think for the most part it is far enough away we are staying dry. as well. the temperatures today up to 66 degrees this afternoon. breezy north, northeast winds. matt, i am looking at the d.o.t.s and there is something out? >> yes a rollover, 94 westbound, and that's 25th street. the fencing there. it is curvy section of 94 between 25th and 28th street.
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these delays growing back to the marquette interchange. the other delay is on the northbound bypass. i will keep an eye on that. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 6:08 here. later today, roadeo. check that out. a lot of jokes at the department of transportation. it is about the employees of the d.o.t. and those clearing the snow from the roads and filling p potholes are completing. there are several events and speakers are planned too. >> ben, developing this morning, a bill allowing survivors and
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arabia will now become a law. that is after the house and senate voted to override president obama's veto. now what it means for the local families impacted by that terror attack. >> there is a family pushing for years for the act. gordon's daughter was in new york city on business when the twin towers collapsed and killed on 11 have the right to go to court and seek justice. >> when the protection of american citizens comes first and foremost, it is incredibly important that you get this type of bipartson vote.
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democrats and republicans come together and override his veto. the president says he vetoed the bill because it is putting the americans abroad and the u.s. government as risk for lawsuits. >> thank you, tim. now from a belief to suspicion. >> a new case in a man arrested after being at sea for weeks. >> changes near lambeau, the big announcent impacting any of you spending time in green bay. >> first, we are taking it to the botanical gardens. a peek at the new china lights festival. how gorgeous is that. first to mat up in news chopper 12. >> a rollover vehicle blocking 3 lanes at 25th street and delays back to marquette interchange. stay with us on "wisn 12 news
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>> good morning. 6:13. thank you for joining us. we have trouble on 94 westbound. an overturned vehicle. three lanes are blocked. only the left lane is open at 25th street and delays going back to marquette interchange. 15 minutes as westbound downtown the moreland road. the other delay on the northbound bypass, typical stuff there. i will keep my eye on the rollover. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. 6:14. right now, investigators are looking for clues after a gunman opens fire on a school playground in south carolina. the police are saying that the suspected shooter is in custody.
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developments. >> we are learning more about the suspect this morning. he's 14 years old and a suspect in his father's death. this happened yesterday when he opened fire during a recess and two students and a teacher were shot and take ton the hospital a. volunteer firefighter tackled the suspect and the teenager was taken into custody. they believe the boy went to the school after shoot killing his father. now as for the students and teacher who were shot, two returned home and recovering and one of the children is still in the hospital and listed in critical concern. >> a thank you twist in a case of a stranded boater in new england that spent a week after sea before being rescued. he's now under investigation.
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a warrant to search the home revealed he was handelling the boat repairs himself. he could be charged with reckless endangerment. he's a suspect for killing his grandfather in 2013. >> we are looking at the title town development for the packers. the development panelling is sitting west of lambeau including a hotel and brewery and ice stating rink. packers president will be unveiling the drawings of the project a little today later. >> and the packers have announced the photo contest for tickets to the new year's game. the categories are up on the
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fans will be the ones voting for the best picture. if you want to enter, we have a link at wisn, check to under thes as-seen on page. it is event you don't want to miss, china lights is opening this weekend. jeremy nelson is botanical gardens with a first look. >> good morning. this is so unbelievable. it is china lights. it is spread over the entire gardens. the palace lantern. we are in if gallery this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is so unique to milwaukee, this is coming from
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>> what is the back story, how did we get this beautiful display? >> well, it is a team effort, we talked to the company in china and brought it together. >> what are the people seeing at the gardens? >> a thousand different lanterns. 38 components that are throughout the gardens, a 200 foot dragon, the two story palace larn welcome gate, dori, nemo, penguins, birds, cranes. everything. >> and while walking around there is food and drink. talk about the special drink. the beer whashgs kind of beer is it? >> china beer. >> it is starting october 1st.
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back to you. >> wow. saying thank you to jeremy... >> well, early today a mix of sun and clouds and true for most of the day and dry as well. windy covers it. hang on to the hats. the temperatures are warming up to the mid get light sunrise 6:57. 60 at the airport. the wients are north at 22 and gusting up to 30 miles per hour or better. there we are, stubborn low pressure is right now over the ohio valley. today it is clipping us with the clouds. tomorrow it is backing up a little bit. that is when we stand a better chance for the showers.
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peeking through as well. we have the high pressure to the west and north. look at how pretty the sky is and quickly the low clouds are moving. the hour by hour forecast for today, we get up to the mid 60s. staying dry and windy much of the day. sustained winds at 20 miles per hour and gusts 25-30 miles per hour. we are keeping it dry. showers later the day. now tomorrow is a different story. this is 7:00 tomorrow morning. the light rain, mid-morning to late morning and into the afternoon hours. the showers are scattered and clouds are coming back. 66 for today. 54 for tonight. we are staying dry and a mix of sun and clouds. better chances for wet. saturday is a split decision.
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now let's join matt. >> a rollover 94 westbound at 25th street. the driver is put on a stretcher now. he's been in there since the top of the hour and upside down. the 3 right lanes are blocked 94 west bound at 25th street. the delays back to the marquette interchange. 16 minutes right wisconsin avenue out to 35th street and get on the other side oaf of the crash. i will continue to keep an eye on it. >> matt, thank you. >> 6:21. one of the highest paid comedians in the world. and now why amy schumer is called the most dangerous
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>> prime real estate that helps make movie history. workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. orations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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>> good morning. thanks for the thursday morning school shoutout. >> wisn is stopping by the classrooms across southeast throughout the school year. >> do you remember from the movie mrs. doubtfire? >> yes, i do. it is now for ale in san francisco. >> hot. >> i love that scene. it is on the market for four and a half million dollars. >> comedian aim smi schumer is
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2016. they look at who generates the most dangerous search results. she's the first woman to top the rankings. here are the other top five, bieber, carson daly, will smith and rihanna. >> 6:26. water spouts on lake michigan. >> check this out, yourself. >> plus, a little girl accidentally runs over her sister with a car. why the mom purposely gave the keys to the daughter. >> making sure your family has safe drinking water and what the leaders are focussed on today that impacts thousands of homes. now to matt, what are you looking at now? >> we have an overturned vehicle, 94 eastbound at 25th
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lanes are closed. we'll have alternative routes coming up. 20 minutes from downtown out to moreland. how to get around the delays, coming up. stay with us on "wisn 12 news
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>> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning" breaking news from the roads a rollover crash leading to big delays on westbound 94 in milwaukee. this is live at the scene. you are seeing a vehicle upside down. good morning, welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning". >> the crash is headed away from downtown milwaukee. matt, what is the latest? >> well, the ambulance is still on the scene and trying to stabilize the driver. the driver was a half hour in the car. right now, they are going to pull away. but the 3 right lanes of 94 westbound, that is 25th street at the top corner of the frame, so the 3 right lanes are blocked
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past 25th street. see north of the freeway, take clieborn out to 28th street and get on the other side of the crash. or take wisconsin avenue to 35th street and get on the other side of the accident. there are a couple of options for you. the travel times are 20 minutes 94 westbound. i will keep my eye on it >> thank you, matt. 6:31. it is thursday, september 29th. >> let's get to sal for the forecast. >> 60 is the airport this morning. you are seeing it is a breezy northeast wind. in fact, the winds up to 22 miles per hour and gusting up to 30 miles per hour or better. take a jacket o the bus stop.
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mid 60s. party sunny skies. we stay dry throughout the day, but windy much of the day. we call for the afternoon highs into the mid 60s. the showers wait until later tonight. i open chances for rain to begin for us especially later in the day on friday and saturday. >> sal, thank you. 6:32. >> it's been nearly two years since five-year-old laylah petersen died. she was sitting on her grandfather's lap when bullets went through the home and hit her. tim, we could see a verdict in this case very soon. >> closing arguments are set to start today for one of the men accused of shooting into the home. investigators say carl barrett and two other men were targeting a different home after a dispute, but police say they shot into the wrong home and ended up killing petersen. today attorneys will deliver their closing arguments and the
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trial and bring you the latest information throughout the day. >> tim, thank you. >> looking ahead, formal charges could come today in a glendale murder. police say a 21-year-old man is behind bars accused of killing his girlfriend. nya hammond died monday in the parking lot of an orthopaedic hospital. her mother says nya was trying to leave her boyfriend, the father of her son, after he became too controlling. safe drinking water. that's the focus of a meeting happening in milwaukee today. mike anderson is live downtown with a look ahead. mike? >> good morning. around 70,000 homes in milwaukee still use lead lateral pipes. lateral pipes connect homes to the city's water mains. the city is now considering
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many years, maybe even decades. in the meantime, milwaukee mayor tom barrett has said water filters could be a temporary solution. the mayor's budget proposal for next year calls for $11 million to remove lead and something else that could help milwaukee county just passed a plan to provide grants and loans to homeowners with lead lateral pipes and lead based paint. city leaders say they're focused on making sure this water that you depend on every day is safe. they'll get an update on the issue during a common council meeting this morning. reporting live, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> turning to commitment 2016 coverage. thousands of people were in waukesha last night to hear donald trump speak. also at the event, sheriff david clarke, former governor tommy thompson and rudy giuliani.
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event, but only about 3,000 people were able to get into the waukesha expo center. the rest were left disappointed, some waited outside while trump tried to win over wisconsin voters. >> people in milwaukee are going to love donald trump. we're going to have safety, we're going to have safety. >> supporters who spoke to wisn 12 news say they like that trump speaks his mind. th not running for president of the world, just president of the united states. >> not everyone was happy to see trump in southeastern wisconsin. protesters gathered outside of the waukesha expo center with the message that trump is not welcome in the badger state. >> we need people to wake up and understand that donald trump is not qualified to be our commander in chief. i would be terrified if he was in charge of our armed forces. >> on the democratic side of the presidential race, the clinton
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anne holton, the wife of vice presidential nominee tim kaine, will be in milwaukee and kenosha today to encourage people to vote and chelsea clinton will visit the green bay area tomorrow campaigning for her mother. >> abc news has a team of reporters with the candidates on the campaign trail this morning. look for coverage today on "good morning america." that starts at 7:00. >> breaking news on the roads. a crash on >> the tow truck has moved in and they are getting the vehicle up on the tow truck. three lanes are blocked along westbound 94. the delays going back to the marquette interchange. you can take clibourn to get around the delays.
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>> transforming downtown milwaukee. >> the fall makeover you might notice on your way to work today. >> plus, a not-so-clean getaway. a robbery suspect is caught minutes after leaving arby's. the mistake she made that led to her speedy arrest. >> then, new video shows a deer attacking a driver. what one woman says she did moments before the animal tried
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>> good morning. 6:40. thank you for joining us. we have had a rollover and they have uprighted that and they are dealing with the fluid that spilled. these delays stretch back to the you are seeing starting on 794 west bound and continuing past 25th street. right now, the winds up here aloft gusting over 40 miles per hour. on the ground, it was about 20 miles per hour.
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for the most part, around the eastern part of the state 55-60. back to the west 47. winds are gusting 33 at the airport. 24-mile-per-hour at kenosha. windier along the lake. you can see those clouds, low clouds continuing to stream in. so wind swept this morning with the temperatures in the 60s. i hold the afterno temperatures in the mid 60s. we time out the return of rain coming up. >> sally, thank you. >> new this morning, a bizarre situation on a new jersey road. >> a deer was caught on camera attacking a driver. the driver says she hit the deer on accident and when she opened her door to take a look at the damage, the deer attacked. it seems like the animal was trying to get into the car.
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>> the woman kick it away. a police officer just happened to be behind her and recorded the whole thing. >> that was coming at her strong. >> yes, the antlers too. >> new this morning, a bus driver who saved her students is getting recognition. >> the bus caught on fire earlier this month with 20 kids on board. take a look at this. you can see smoke rising from the burning bus. the driver made sure everyone got out safely. celebration for the driver, renita smith. she's so excited. the students wanted to say thank you. smith says she's not a hero, she's a mom and she just followed her instincts. >> very modest. 20 kids all safe. >> a 16-year-old is setting records with her unique hobby piloting a hot-air balloon! >> she's one of the youngest pilots to ever fly in albuqurque's balloon fiesta. take a look here.
6:43 am
balloon pilots. this is a serious process, too. >> yes, very involved. >> she's now tied the record for the youngest pie at the festival. more than 500 balloons taking part this weekend. it makes for a gorgeous skyline. >> getting the weekend started early. >> the fall festival you can check out starting today. >> but first, a debate all about election day selfies. why some voters will be allowed to snap pictures the next time they cast a ballot. >> plus, today is national coffee day. where you can stop on your way to work this morning for a free
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." breaking news on the roads, lingering delays after a crash on westbound i-94. two views of the scene here. we are going live to matt
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up. the three lanes are blocked and now back open. there are lingering delays. i will continue to keep an eye on it. >> sunshine sunrise at 6:47. we have a mix of sun and clouds. we continue to look at the winds for much of the day today. we stay dry as well with better chances of showers showing up for us later tonight and tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds. very breezy northeast winds. the trend for the weekend. take a look at the temperatures
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with the weekend pick day sunday. >> more protests right now over a police shooting in california that killed one man. tim, you have new information >> police say officers shot the man after he pointed something at them. now we know, it was a vape smoking device. demonstrators have gathered at the shooting scene outside the police department and other locations. yesterday they blocked traffic on a freeway exit. the mayo for calm. activists are demanding that police release the full video of the shooting. there are concerns that the man was sick just before the shooting. both officers involved are on administrative leave this morning. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> two-year-old girl is in the hospital with broken bones after
6:49 am
sister. the keys were given to the mom to start the car. the two-year-old was take ton the hospital and exis pekted to be okay. the mother should pt have handed over the keys. >> >> they are inquisitive. it might be something that they ask their parents to do, but to let them go out there and do it unsupervised on a piece of as dangerous as a motor vehicle, it's just not good common sense. >> police are still deciding whether that mother will face charges. >> new this morning, a massive -- a woman is accused of robbing an arby's and gets a taxi to get away. the 20-year-old didn't get far because the police stopped the cab a few blocks away and
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>> weatherwatch 12 and a chance for water spouts on lake michigan today. check this out. this is not far from chicago. this is over lake michigan yesterday. i watched mark last night and news chopper in racine and he was pointing at the rainbow. this is something that happened south of there. >> the issue is when you have the warm michigan, cold air aloft and creating the lift and if any sort of the wind in the atmosphere, there is a sheer and creating the spin and you get the storms and water spouts as well. tomorrow may be a good day. there is more instability and for tomorrow. now today, most of us dry. it is windy. especially lake side. the low pressure that continues
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valley. for us, it is clipping us with the clouds. i do think overall we continue to stay dry. what happens for tomorrow, this low backs up just a little bit and pulls closer and allows for rain. the pattern is breaking down by the weekend. 60 at the airport. winds are per hour. i anticipate the readings into the mid 60s in the afternoon. we'll see come clouds. north, inland, a little more sunshine. now tomorrow, better chances for showers. you can see the clouds really fill in to the central part of the state and well into the
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showers, scattered, light, during the day tomorrow. the readings in the low 60s. so for today, dry, mix of sun add clouds and winds, and temperature up to 66. tomorrow grab the umbrella. showers in the forecast for saturday. the best chances along the lake. sunday is improving and 70s next week. now we are joining matt in news chopper 12. >> delays are spilling over. 20 minutes from the airport to downtown milwaukee. 17 minutes from downtown to moreland road. that's a look at the morning
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>> matt, thank you. heroin is becoming a huge problem across the country and ohio has been hit hard. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in the newsroom with new information. >> ohio has seen nearly three dozen heroin overdoses in just 24 hours. two people have died. officials there are calling it a public health crisis. they're asking drug users to be aware and have someone nearby who can call for help. they're also advising th people have overdose reversal drugs like narcan on hand. in one of these cases, an eight-year-old girl ran into a mcdonald's for help after her mother passed out in the parking lot. ben, back to you. thank you, tim. >> a california wild fire is burning 2800 acres. the families are forced out of their homes as the fire is
6:54 am
the loma fire is 20% contained. the fire crews told hundreds of people to leave their homes yesterday. >> the fact it is getting closer and closer is a warning sign. >> 300 buildings are in danger right now. the crews are working to clear the brush in the area. >> the federal government congress passed a bill for now. the bill funds the government through december 9th and the representatives will make it through election season without a shutdown. the bill approves funding for the zika fight and flint's lead crisis. >> voters in new hampshire can
6:55 am
ballots. wisn 12 news time now is 6:55. get your drinking boots and leader hose handy. >> i have to order some. >> it is time for the milwaukee octoberfest. events are held at the marquette park. it is kicking off at 4:30 today with a keg tapping. >> it is a wooden keg, hit with the hammer and giving away free beer until the keg is gone and the love monkeys is head lining tonight. it is a great party, great german heritage and fun. a the love money keys are
6:56 am
foods, it is free to get into. "g.m.a." is up next with the headlines. >> first a look outside from news chopper 12, keeping an eye on the roads for you. a final check on that and the
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>> good morning. thank you for joining us.
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eastbound typical delays. we have heavy traffic 94 westbound. earlier crash at 25th street is cleared. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. hang on to your hats and both hand on the wheels. >> yes, i am glad i am at work already. te mid 60s. stubborn low pressure is keeping the clouds and the wind about throughout the day. partly cloudy and windy. 66. 61 tomorrow. it is wet tomorrow morning and amp with spotty showers a. few showers on saturday. dryer on sunday and temperatures in the 60s, 70s next week. >> look at how fast the clouds are moving. >> yes, just streaming in. >> thank you, sal.
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4:30 today. good morning, america. terrifying school shooting. a teenager opening fire on an elementary school playground. one student in critical condition. two others injured. >> move that patient towards the helicopter. >> a hero firefighter tackling the shooter. police are searching for a motive this morning. new trouble in the trump camp. a top aide says donald trump lost his nerve during the debate and now trump hits hillary clinton on her health. >> you see all the days off that hillary takes. day off. day off. day off. >> come out and vote. >> as clinton calls on her secret weapon, michelle obama. >> we need an adult in the white house. >> blitz for the battleground states right now. deadly tropical storm. matthew battering the caribbean islands with massive waves and


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